Introducing SocialWeaver

A social media management platform for publishing, active listening, and engagement.

SocialWeaver, like most great ideas, was created out of necessity when existing platforms didn’t offer quite what we needed. We wanted to excel in social media management, and to do that, we needed to actively listen in on online competitor conversations. How often are they posting? What resonates with their user base? How are they succeeding or failing to engage their followers?

Unfortunately, most solutions on the market focused only on publishing content. To listen in on other brands, we had to manually inspect articles, read through comment sections, and manage clunky spreadsheets with saved links that didn’t allow us to easily view or engage with content. We knew there had to be a better way — so we built one.

SocialWeaver is a social media management platform that makes it easy to schedule and publish categorized content, actively listen in on (and learn from) any brand in the world, and engage with followers on any network all in one convenient place.

Increase Customer Intelligence by Listening In on Other Brands

Active social listening is at the heart of why we created SocialWeaver. There are platforms out there that let you search keywords and mentions, but results are generally limited. If you want to track a specific competitor, you can’t find much beyond their most popular posts — a marginally helpful but woefully incomplete picture of what a brand is accomplishing online.

Engagement filters help you discover which posts are getting people talking.

On SocialWeaver, you can create a stream for any keyword, hashtag, or brand, then follow how it performs over time, even filtering posts by positive or negative sentiment and level of engagement. By viewing every network in a unified stream, you can check in on how any brand in the world is performing online in just minutes.

As you listen in on competitors and leading brands, you can learn from others’ efforts. From frequency of posts to the type of content that’s being shared, it’s now possible to discover what any company’s audience responds well to without spending time and energy running tests across platforms. This makes it easy for business owners, marketers, and social media managers to stay informed about how their target audience reacts to content online — highly valuable information that was, until now, extremely expensive and difficult to come by.

Sorting a stream by Engagement to see the top performing content.

Save Time and Extend Life of Content with Categorized Scheduling

Although other platforms were already offering ways to schedule and post content to social media, we saw several opportunities to make that process both smarter and faster.

Tailoring your posts to each social media network hasn’t been easier. Write once. Tweak. Publish.

Any time you create new content on our platform, you’ll immediately see how the post will appear on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can then tweak the post to optimize it for each network — meeting Twitter’s character limitations, for example, or adding the ideal number of images for Facebook. As a final step, you can assign a category (such as Motivation, Testimonials, or Helpful Hints) to the content with a simple click. In less than a minute and on a single page, you are able to optimize a post for each network, save it to your library, and organize it by category.

Scheduling that content is intuitive on SocialWeaver. In a single afternoon, you can establish a bottomless queue by scheduling posts by category. For example, you might set your calendar to post something from the Motivation category every Monday at 10am, a Helpful Hint each weekday at 3pm, and a Testimonial each Thursday at 11am. The categorized schedules you set are combined to generate your queue — and because SocialWeaver recycles your content library automatically, you can rest assured that you always have content being pushed out on schedule across your networks.

Moz reports that the half life of the average tweet is just 18 minutes. Facebook isn’t much better — Wiselytics reports that the half life there is still just 30 minutes.

As a bonus, this method allows you to extend the life of your content, making the most of what you’ve created and saved to the library. With the exception of wildly viral content, no individual post lives long on ever-refreshing social media platforms. Moz reports that the half life of the average tweet is just 18 minutes.¹ Facebook isn’t much better — Wiselytics reports that the half life there is still just 30 minutes.² At that rate, many companies are spending more time creating posts than getting engagement on their hard work. With SocialWeaver, valuable content is reused once the end of a category queue is reached, allowing you to extend the life of your content and increase your ROI on time spent creating each post. As you build a vast content library over time, the amount of time between reposted content will increase, ensuring your profile doesn’t look like a revolving door of the the same few content pieces.

Don’t let your past creative genius get buried in the depths of your social media profiles. Any content you create is safely stored for you to view, edit, and re-use whenever you’d like.

Engage Followers Across Networks and Accounts with Ease

It’s not uncommon for social media marketers — or even the Average Joe for that matter — to manage multiple accounts across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other networks. Surprisingly, none of those social networks have made it particularly easy to switch between accounts and engage followers.

With SocialWeaver, we’ve made all of your accounts available on every single post, eliminating the need to juggle tabs and apps. If you see a post you’d like to engage with — whether it’s liking someone else’s post or responding to a comment on yours — a simple dropdown menu makes it easy to select which profile you’d like to engage as. If you’re managing multiple profiles, this feature makes it easy to answer disgruntled customers, interact with prospects, and protect your brand’s reputation with less time and headache than ever before — a major win in a world where a brand’s digital identity is such a crucial component of its overall reputation.

Get started — Free!

We’ve been running user trials for a while now, and the feedback affirms that we’re doing what we set out to do — make social media management easier and smarter by allowing users to schedule content, listen in on competitors, and engage with followers in one easy place.

To experience the difference yourself, visit to sign up for a free or professional plan today.

Update: We are live on Product Hunt! Would love to hear your feedback, thoughts, and ideas.

Update 2: Product Hunt just tweeted us!



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